Oikos (Small Groups)

Oikos is a Greek word meaning "family" and is also what we call our small groups because we believe that the Christian life is best done together, as a family. Joining an Oikos provides the opportunity to get connected with a group of people sharing similar life-stages (i.e. married, single, student, etc.). All Oikoses meet either on Friday nights or Sundays.


HolyWave has inherited Sa-Rang Community Church’s long-standing heritage of quality, Bible-based training. We offer two major courses to help guide you in your spiritual growth. Foundations is an introductory course that explores the foundational teachings of the Christian faith. Discipleship Training is an intensive program designed to activate and equip you to live out your faith.

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From taco balls to retreats, we cherish our moments to celebrate and simply enjoy life together with you! Stay updated by downloading our app or subscribing to text alerts for whenever new events arise!

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