Senate Bill No. 673 Petition Campaign

Join Sa-Rang Community Church in signing a petition to pass SB-673 “Comprehensive sexual health education and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) prevention education.” (Read the Full Bill Here)


In 2011, California passed SB-48, AKA the “FAIR (Fair, Accurate, Inclusive, and Respectful) Education Act”, which prohibits instruction of discriminatory content. In 2015, California passed AB-329, AKA the “California Healthy Youth Act” which expanded the public school sex education curriculum to include instruction on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression, as well as mandates that students in grades 7-12 receive HIV prevention education.

With the passing of these two bills, updates had been made to the California Health Education Framework, making it permissible for public schools to teach “comprehensive sexual health” as early as kindergarten based on these bills’ mandates and guidelines.

The Petition

SB-673 is therefore an act to amend sections of the Education Code, namely to provide an “Opt-In” clause, which would require students under grade 7 to receive sexual health education and HIV prevention education only with active parental consent. That is, this bill would allow students K-6 to only participate in sex education curriculum if they (i.e. their parents/guardians) wish to do so.


Anyone who is at least 18 years of age and has a US address is eligible to sign this petition.

The Campaign

There will be resources provided to write letters to relevant California education officials at the booth outside after service on Sunday, March 17 and March 24.

Other Resources/Suggestions

Adapted from this article from The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission

  • Reach out directly to the “Instructional Quality Commission” Committee (list of members)

  • Ask to review your district’s textbooks and other instructional materials. Don’t limit curriculum reviews to health topics.

  • Know and exercise your parental rights. The California Safe Schools Coalition has created a free four-page guide titled “Question & Answer Guide On California’s Parental Opt-Out Statutes”. (View the guide)

  • Attend school board meetings. Governing boards are required to give the public an opportunity to speak and if enough people speak out on a topic, boards are often receptive to make changes.

  • Run for the school board. If your board is not receptive, consider running for the school board or recruiting others with a biblical worldview.