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Frequently Asked Questions


+ What is Subsplash?

Subsplash is a mobile SaaS company specializing in software development for church engagement. HolyWave has partnered with Subsplash to develop our mobile app and online giving platforms.

+ Do I have to create a Subsplash Giving account?

Subsplash is working towards providing a way to give as “Guests” soon. However, if you are a regular donor, we highly encourage you to create an account as that will allow us to send you financial giving statements at the end of the year for tax purposes.

+ How do I create an account?

You can create an account through the mobile app or on the website. Tap the profile icon on the sidebar menu in the app or at the top right corner above. Follow the prompts to create your account - it’s that simple! If you already have a Giving account, look for the avatar in the sidebar (app) or the top right hand corner (website).

+ I don’t see a section to add my Sa-Rang membership number. Does that mean my online giving won’t get recorded with my other offerings?

Short answer, yes, your Online Giving will not be aggregated into your SRCC records for financial giving. However, for end-of-year tax purposes you will instead receive two separate statements at the end of the year: one for any physical donations made through our offering envelopes, and one from Subsplash for any donations made online.

+ I don’t see the Fund I want to designate my gift to?

As we continue to roll out Online Giving alongside our existing financial system at Sa-Rang Community Church, we will not be listing all ministries as a designated fund option. If you would like to designate your gift to a ministry that is not listed, please use a physical offering envelope and write your designation.

+ When will I receive my tax statements?

Sa-Rang Community Church opens financial giving request forms annually towards the end of December. Your Subsplash statement will be prepared around the same time and will be available at the same time your SRCC giving statements are ready.

+ Are there any fees to use Online Giving?

There are no additional fees to pay as a donor. However, please note that a 2.3% transaction fee will be deducted from every card transaction (1% for eChecks)