The HolyWave Choir exists to offer God utmost highest praises while uplifting and encouraging the congregation through songs. Choir members meet weekly for rehearsals and share life together by praying for one another and breaking bread together. The Choir sings weekly during 1st service, but also participates in special programs/services such as Christmas and Easter as well as other outreach events and special concerts.

Rehearsal Schedule:

  • Tuesdays, 7:00-9:15pm, KDC MPR

  • Sundays before service, 8:15-8:55am, KDC MPR

  • Sundays after service, 11am-12pm, KDC F103

Contact: Jae Shu,

Front Door Ministry

The Front Door Ministry encompasses the four ministries that comprise of our “front door” on Sundays: Parking, Greeters, Newcomers, and Belong (Membership). The goal and aim of the Front Door Ministry is to ensure that everyone who steps onto our campus on Sundays truly feels that they are being welcomed home, especially those who are new visitors.

Each ministry is led by an individual leader and is always looking for more core members to join the team! Contact the respective leader below to get involved.


As one of the first faces people see when coming to church, the Parking Ministry seeks to be welcoming while ensuring safety on the road for both pedestrians and drivers.

  • 1st Service Shift: 8:30-9:30 AM

  • 2nd Service Shift: 10:30-11:30 AM

Contact: Abe Han,

Greeters & Hosts

As part of the Front Door Ministry, greeters welcome people home as they enter the sanctuary every Sunday. Members pass out bulletins, answer questions and give directions, collect offering, count attendance, and provide assistance during service in case of any disruption or emergency.

  • 1st Service: 8:45 AM

  • 2nd Service: 10:45 AM

Contact: Dan Kim,


The Newcomers Ministry welcomes visitors and first-timers looking to find a church to call home. The team invites newcomers to the Newcomers’ Lounge, a 45-minute gathering that occurs after each service where members spend time to get to know the newcomers; and newcomers are oriented into HolyWave, encouraged to share prayer requests, and take the next step into membership.

Belong (Membership)

“BELONG” is a three-week course that goes over the fundamental meaning of church membership and specifically what it means to be a member of Sa-Rang Community Church and HolyWave. As part of the Front Door Ministry, the Belong team organizes and coordinates each incoming group of new members to help orient and plug them into the ministry.

  • Course schedule: Once every quarter

Contact: Joan Kim,

Intercessory Prayer

The HolyWave Intercessory Prayer Ministry consists of several different groups that gather to pray for various topics throughout the week. Among these groups include those who gather every Sunday morning before each service to intercede for that week’s service. We believe that prayer is integral to the success of each week and we are incredibly blessed to be covered by the prayers of our faithful intercessors!

  • Sunday Morning 1st Service: 8 AM at Hyssop Hall Cry Room (Rm. 107)

  • Sunday Morning 2nd Service: 10:50-11:10 AM inside Hyssop Hall

See the full schedule

Contact: Julie Howell,

KDC Kitchen

The Kitchen Ministry serves meals every Sunday for church attendees. Volunteers simply come with a serving heart to cook, clean, serve, and most of all fellowship.


  • Saturdays (Prep): 8:00-10:30 AM

  • Sundays (Serve): 12:30-2:30 PM

Contact: Kevin Wright,

Media Team

HolyWave’s Media Team is responsible for the weekly Sunday broadcast operations including camera and on-screen lyrics/graphics (AKA “CG”), as well as recording and uploading all media online. Training for all volunteer roles, camera and CG, is provided - no previous experience is required.

Contact: Sean Lee,

Praise Team

The Praise Team mainly leads worship for Sunday HolyWave services but also leads at retreats, joint services with Sa-Rang Community Church, ARISE, and occasionally for G2G Vision Worship. The team meets every week for 2.5-3 hours either on Tuesday nights or Saturday mornings to share, pray for one another, and practice for that Sunday.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Previous experience playing in a band

  • Be a member of our church

  • Be part of an Oikos group

  • Have a personal ongoing relationship with the Lord outside of church

Contact: Amy Kim, or Dylen Lee,

Sunday Hospitality

Welcome home! The Sunday Hospitality team prepares light snacks and coffee to be available after service on Sundays because we believe that church is family and we want everyone to feel at home.

Contact: Jean Chong,