Ancient Greek: οἶκος, meaning, “family”


Oikos is a Greek word meaning "family" and is also what we call our small groups because we believe that the Christian life is best done together, as a family. Joining an Oikos provides the opportunity to get connected with a group of people sharing similar life-stages (i.e. married, single, student, etc.).

Here in a large community like HolyWave, we know that it’s easy to just become another face. So we pray that it is through Oikos you find your true community - your spiritual family - that will walk with you through every season. In joy and mourning, celebration and loss, we find that Oikos is one of our hallmark programs not because it “works,” but because the Body of Christ functions the way it was always designed to: as a family.

Welcome Home.

All Oikos groups meet either on Friday nights or Sundays.

Yearly Ministry Schedule

  • Q1 (Fall): September-December

  • Q2 (Winter): January-March

  • Q3 (Spring): April-June

  • Summer Break: June-August

Policy Change

Starting January 2019, you must have taken “BELONG” (formerly known as the HolyWave Membership Course; i.e. be a member with a SRCC membership number) in order to be placed in an Oikos group. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Oikos wouldn’t be possible without our leaders!
Thank you for your heart and dedication in carrying the spirit of family and welcoming people home.