Welcome to HolyWave

HolyWave is the English-Speaking ministry of Sa-Rang Community Church

Sunday Service Times: 9:10 AM, 11:10 AM
Location: 1900 W. Crescent Ave. Anaheim, CA 92801


HolyWave at A Glance

Connect. Equip. Serve.



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Membership Course

Membership is the gateway to really getting involved with our community. But more importantly, it is your commitment to this family that you will walk together with fellow brothers and sisters, no matter the season.

Oikos (Small Group)

Oikos is a Greek word meaning "family" and is also what we call our small groups because we believe that the Christian life is best done together, as a family. Joining an Oikos provides the opportunity to get connected with a smaller group of people sharing similar life-stages (i.e. married, single, student, etc.). All Oikoses meet either on Friday nights or Sundays.





Foundations I & II

Foundations is a 10-week course that explores the theological foundations of the Christian faith.

Prerequisite: Membership Course

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Discipleship Training

Discipleship Training (DT) is an intensive 20-week program focused on practical inner healing, self-discovery, and evangelism. All DT students are required to go on a mission trip at the end of the semester.

Prerequisites: Membership Course and Foundations I & II



There are several ways you can get involved. From directing traffic on Sundays to feeding the homeless, HolyWave currently offers over 30 different ministries dedicated to serving our community.