Greetings from B-City, East Asia!

A Message from Hanna


Hello! My name is Hanna and I am with SOON under Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU).

I am currently in East Asia on a program called STINT where I build relationships with university students in hopes of sharing the Gospel with them and equipping them in discipleship so that they could also be sent out into the nations. My first year in East Asia was not only one of the most transformative years of my life thus far, but I’ve experienced God’s hands so evidently at work in students’ hearts we’ve met. Even in much government persecution, God has been sovereign and faithful, placing in our path almost 10 believing students.

I am now back in East Asia for a second year and am beyond grateful for this opportunity. With our team of 8, we are hoping to continue evangelism as well as empower and equip old and new believing students into becoming leaders on their campuses. Many of these students have never had the opportunity to dream, and we have the privilege of helping them move forward with a vision for their campuses and lives. I look forward to what the Lord will do this following year, and I know that regardless of whatever result, our call is to be faithful and obedient.

I truly believe that East Asia is a catalyst nation God will use to spread the Gospel and advance His mission. We have a chance to influence the powerful percent and future leaders of this nation, leading them to live for Christ. Would you consider partnering with me? I hope you can join me in helping to make this a reality and take part to carry out God’s mission! Please feel free to email me if you have any other questions.

All for His Glory,


Due to the sensitive nature of Hanna’s ministry, Hanna has recommended that the best way to find out how to support her is to contact her directly via email.

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