Sa-Rang Community Church 2019 theme:

Becoming Like Jesus - 153


Last year in 2018, Sa-Rang Community Church commemorated our 30th anniversary by once again renewing and strengthening our belief that the Church is neither a building nor a system, but rather God’s people who are called to be sent into the world as Christ’s ambassadors (i.e. “We are the Church”).

As we enter 2019, we are challenged to take further hold of this understanding that we are the Church not just in words, but in action - to become like Jesus and grow in His likeness.

John 21 tells the account of Jesus appearing before the disciples after His resurrection and instructing them on how to catch a miraculous 153 fish after facing the disappointments of their own efforts. Likewise, may we experience the blessing of a full ship as we live out in obedience of Jesus’s commands.

The 153 Exhortation

  • 1 act or word of kindness a day: Let us be fruitful disciples by performing acts of kindness and love in the name of Christ.

  • 5 intercessory prayers a day: Let us be loving disciples by praying for others with the same love we have received in Christ.

  • 3 chapters of the Bible a day: Let us be Word-abiding disciples by making Scripture reading a daily discipline and habit.

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Download Themed Wallpapers

Carry “153” around with you, wherever you go! A variety of “Becoming Like Jesus”-themed wallpapers have been designed by our awesome volunteer designers to help you stay reminded and motivated to stick to the daily 153 challenge each day.

How to Download

On Mobile: Tap the thumbnails to preview and swipe through each design. While previewing, tap the white dot at the bottom right corner of the screen to reveal the download options. After you make your selection, tap and hold the image to reveal download options for your device.

On Desktop: Click the thumbnails to preview each design. While previewing, hover over the image to reveal the download options. After you make your selection, right-click on the image and select “Save image as…” to save the file to your desktop.


Join the Design Team

We’re always looking for talented content creators! If you are skilled in, currently learning, or even just a hobbyist of digital design (web, graphic, illustration, video, etc.) and are interested in creating content for HolyWave, please contact Sally Kim at