“Bag O’ Hyogo” Chex Mix Fundraiser

Support the Hyogo Japan short-term mission team by preordering your homemade “Bag O’ Hyogo” Chex Mix, the perfect blend of sweet, salty, and umami goodness! We mix corn and rice chex, honeycomb cereal, and crunchy pretzels, then add furikake, a flavorful Japanese seasoning, along with melted butter and a hint of agave for sweetness.

All proceeds will solely go towards supporting the ministry in Hyogo. Preorders will be fulfilled Sunday, June 2.

(Key for size reference)

(Key for size reference)


  • Small (approx. 3 oz.): $3

  • Large (approx 7 oz.): $6

Contact: Sehyun Kim, sehyunkim714@gmail.com

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